Legato Error Codes - Corrima Espresso

The following codes relate to Corrima brand espresso machines.  This is a full list, not all codes are used on every machine model.  This is a reference from the manufacturer listing all possible codes and how to fix.

Corrima Machine Error Codes

E1-Coffee pot NTC open circuit/short circuit/below -1°C/above 180°C

E2-coffee flow abnormality

E3-Steam boiler water inlet timeout (more than 5 minutes)

E4-Steam boiler NTC open circuit/short circuit/below -1°C/above 180°C (usually steam knob is open when turning the machine on.  Turn machine off, close valve and turn back on)

E5-Steam nozzle NTC open circuit/short circuit/below -1°C/above 180°C

E6-The steam knob is not closed tightly when turning on the machine

E7-Coffee brewing time exceeds 2mim

E9-The heating tube works continuously for more than 35 minutes


EEE-number of coffee brewed

F0-water tank

F1-external water source

F3-Water tank lacks water

F9-Missing cup

H1-coffee temperature

H2-steam temperature

ECO-Enter energy saving mode

L0-not connect


L2-connect successful

L3-Close the network

P-pre-infusion time (XX represents a number)

000-Coffee, steam, and hot water preheating completed

888- turn on the power and display (2S)

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