Izzo Alex Duetto - In Depth Review

Izzo Caffe has been around for as long as I can remember.  I see pictures pop up here and there, but really did not know much about the brand itself.  Founded in 1979, it is definitely one of the newer espresso machine brands.  Izzo is known for producing several very attractive E61 group head machines, as well as lever actuated machines.  

The Izzo Alex Duetto IV has been out for quite some time now, and being the 4th enteration, you can imagine it has only improved through the years.  I anxiously awaited the machines arrival as this was my first Izzo machine.  Although now days, it seems like many of the E61 machines kind of all look the same, in person I have discovered they all have their own styling that can really only be appreciated in person. 

[box of machine]

Finally the Alex Duetto was delivered, the UPS man regretted not using a hand truck to deliver the final steps to my front door.  If you could measure quality by how much something weighs, this thing is top quality!  Make sure to have some help moving it.

I couldn't want to bring to my shop and unbox.  Unboxing, I found everything to be well packaged.  The somewhat standard accessories were included.  A single and double spouted portafilter with accompanying baskets, a portafilter backflush blind, a tamper which is actually extremely nice (many are cheap plastic), additional three, four, and five hole steam tips (plus the two hole that came on the machine), an Izzo branded micro fiber cloth, water test strips, water supply line, and drip tray drain line.   Honestly, the only thing it did not come with that you might need to get started were cups and a milk pitcher.

[picture of accessories]

Its time to see this E61 machine.  Pulling it out of the box, it came with a nice elastic dust cover.  The feet were not installed on the machine, so before pulling the cover off, I laid on its side, supporting with one of the foam blocks that came as part of the packaging and installed the feet.   If you are planning to plumb the machine, it might be a good time to connect your water supply line and drain line.

[overview glamor pic]

Finally, the first look at this elegant espresso machine.  Classic E61 styling.  Not a small machine but also seemed to not take up quite as much room as other similar machines I have used.  Measuring _____.  The side and back panels offering a slight curve which I found to give a layer of elegance and depth that the flat paneled machined don't alway have.  A bold drip tray, and bold steam and hot water knobs really balance out the styling of the machine overall.

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